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Monday, June 2, 2014

Day's 146-153

Day 146 May 26th

It was memorial day and Aaron was home.  I went to my friend Katie's to take pictures of her kids in a Dandelion field and also take pictures of her dog Crew.

Day 147 May 27th
It is finally spring and actually bordering on Summer with how warm the temperatures have been.  I wanted to take some pictures of the Cherry Blossom trees by our house.

Day 148 May 28th,
Went for a walk with my friend Michelle with the dogs and her step daughters, got some great pictures of the Sunset, and a beautiful picture of little miss Jaycee blowing on a dandelion and making a wish.

Day 149 May 29th
Just a quiet night at home, Tristan had one more day of school left the next day.  He fell asleep watching TV and I couldn't resist the chance at a picture.

Day 150 May 30th
Friday, Tristan and I were on our own and went over to Grandmas, it was his last day of school, he wasn't being cooperative for pictures so this is all I got.  It had to be fast and his smile is a little fake, some girls at school had painted cat whiskers on his face.

Day 151 May 31st
My friend Michelle had her post wedding reception. I was supposed to get family pictures for her but with the rain, it didn't work out.  I did manage to make it to her house and take some of her and her daughter and her adorable niece who wanted nothing to do with the crazy photographer lady.

Day 152 June 1st
I'm getting close to the halfway point of my 365, hopefully I can keep going. All we got today was a simple snap shot of Tristan.
Day 153 June 2nd
Aaron came home from Bismarck and started getting the boat ready to go fishing tomorrow.  I also took Emma to petsmart to get some food, and yes I took the camera with me.


  1. You have to love that age when dandelions are precious flowers! You handled the full sun really well! I love that sweet hat too!

    Those cherry blossoms are beautiful! Ours are long gone now and I didn't get a chance to photograph any. Beautiful images!

    I love your sunset images and the reflections on the water. I love the ones with the ducks and their ripples in the water.

    Beautiful set!

  2. Wow, you have so many great images here! Love the first ones, especially in the full sun! And way to go on taking the photo of your dog in public. That's one of my phobias I have to get over also...I'm working on it!

    1. Thank you, I'm really working on going out in public more with the camera.