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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day's 142-145

Day 142 May 22nd

I had the day off and it was totally beautiful out but since I was busy most of the day and Tristan didn't want to help, I got two great pics of Emma at sunset.

Day 143 May 23rd, another nice day but still only managed to remember to grab a picture at the end of day of Emma looking out the window at the birds. 
 Day 144 May 24th, Went to the Barnesville cemetery with my parents, it was all covered in flags and flowers for Memorial day.  Got some beautiful shots of the flags, my mom, and both sets of grandparents stones, had to get some flowers too. 

Day 145 May 25th
Aaron came home from out of town and I really missed him.  I made a chicken bacon casserole for supper, and we got some yard work done and flowers planted. I think I'll take at least one pic of the flower bed weekly to see how it grows. 

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  1. What a beautiful dog Emma is! The light in those images is great--tons of detail! I like your idea of the weekly flower bed pictures. It's amazing how quickly everything changes through the season!