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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Day 117-127

Day 117 April 27th

We had a leisure Sunday at home, I have started an editing workshop and Tristan agreed to take lots of pictures with me for the next week so I could practice.  This image took me forever to get his skin to look right according to the guidelines.
Day 118 April 28th
More practice pictures with Tristan, It was sort of an icky day out and I had to settle for indoors. I was trying to get one with Emma but ended up with just Tristan leaning on Emma's fur.
Day 119 April 29th
Tristan didn't want to help me out this day and was being a pain in the butt, so this is what I got.
Day 120 April 30th
Probably my most favorite picture of the week.  Actually sent this one off to the printer to give to family also.
Day 121 May 1st
We left for St. Cloud after work for Tristan's hockey tournament.  I never got a picture with my big camera because we got there right at sunset.  So captured this with my phone while going over the Mississippi. The sky was gorgeous but it's hard to tell in my blurry pic.
Day 122 May 2nd
Went to Tristan's game that night and took some pictures of him playing for his summer team the 2000 Predators.  Also tried to grab another one going over the Mississippi at Sunset.

Day 123 May 3rd
Tristan had two more games, the college arena is right next to the Mississippi river so before one of the games I headed down there to get some photos. I also got one of my good friend's daughter Presley, she is so cute, and one of the team getting ready to go.

Day 124 May 4th
I came back from St.Cloud with another family early so I could pick up Emma from doggy depot, so the days picture is of her.
Day 125 May 5th
Tristan is a little tired of me so I ended up with a not so great picture of him, since he kept moving and it is out of focus.
Day 126 May 6th
Tristan had his last band concert of the year and he needed new pants and shirt since he's gotten so tall.  He also needed sunglasses for one number. He obliged me with picture before the concert.

Day 127 May 7th
I had the day off from work and I stayed home to try and clean up the house for my sister coming tomorrow and to run errands.  I decided to do my first selfie with my new glasses.

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  1. Beautiful selfie and great glasses! You got such a great variety of images of your son! They can be stinkers in front of the camera sometimes, for sure, but you got some great ones! Beautiful landscapes as well. :)