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Sunday, March 23, 2014

Day 79-82

Day 79 March 20th
Icky day and almost forgot to take a picture. Asked Tristan if he had any suggestions and he said take one of my cream soda bottle.  He was being a stinker but I did anyway.
Day 80 March 21st
I was off this day but didn't get out to take pictures, was doing stacks of laundry, did go visit my friend Maryann but forgot the camera.  So we ended up with Emma laying under Aaron's feet.  Yep closest thing we've had of a picture of Aaron for a while.
Day 81 March 22nd
It was a cold day, but the sun was shining.  Took Tristan out to the country with me to capture the sunset.

Day 82 March 23rd
I have been wanting to practice taking pictures of  rushing water for a while, so took the opportunity on a nice day to go down to the red river downtown and try to take some pics of the water.  I'm thinking I'll have to do this again when things are greener.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Day 73-78

Day 73 March 14th
Got home from work and went out with some of my awesome hockey people.  Going to miss this group of parents after the year we had.  Captured this of some of the hockey mom's taking a selfie, unfortunately I left my big camera at home.
Day 74
March 15
My coworker Michelle got a new puppy and I jumped at the chance to take some pictures of her.  She is such a little sweetie, she is a goldendoodle and will grow up to be pretty big.

Day 75-77 March 16th-18th
Emma, Emma and Tristan and Emma again.  I need to try and have a week with no Emma. I think I'm pretty close, it's getting nicer out.

Day 78
March 19th and my mom's birthday! So of course we had to go get a picture of her and of her with Tristan.  I love my momma!

Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 68-72

Day 68 Sunday March 9th
Today was a lazy Sunday, got some stuff done around the house and cooked up some Gumbo for Aaron who was coming home from Bismarck. 
Day 69 March 10th
I had to work at 0630 and I was tired, that night Tristan had a father, kid hockey game with his teammates and some of their dad's and siblings.  I took a lot of photos but am putting up the group photo of the whole crew and then Tristan and his fellow defenseman.

Day 70 March 11th
Another busy day at work for me, was running out of time for a picture, wanted to get one of the sunset but it was too cloudy.  So took one quick of this cute smile.
Day 71 March 12th
Emma again.........
Day 72
It was a gorgeous day outside, almost hit 60.  I had planned on doing some outdoor pics but it is still so dirty and slushy outside.  I had an idea for a cool reflection picture and I had just washed the truck so I took Tristan outside and asked him to pose for me next to it. Still want to work on this one.

Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 62-67

Day 62
March 3rd, Aaron's parents had been here for Tristan's state hockey tournament. They don't seem to be real up on the idea of having their picture taken all the time.  I did manage to get them to pose for one, it's a little blurry (Father-in-law not holding still)  I still think they look great and was sad to see them go.
Day 63-64
March 4th, busy day at work for me and wow was I tired, I went to bed at 830. All I got a picture of was Tristan laying in bed goofing around, March 5th was about the same way and all we have is a lame attempt at a picture of Emma.  I think I need more interesting objects around the house.

Day 65
March 6th, I went to visit my cousin's daughter Stephanie and her new baby Addison.  I took some pictures of the little sweetie and one of the dogs.

Day 66
March 7th, Aaron left for Bismarck and Tristan was doing his favorite thing which is playing mine craft on the computer, since hockey is over for a few days.
Day 67
March 8th, finally starting to have some nice days. Took Emma out in the driveway to practice a little back lighting on her.  This was the result after some editing.

Thursday, March 6, 2014

Day 52-61

Day 52 Friday February 21st
I'm behind on doing a blog entry and took some pretty crappy pictures the last couple weeks.  Friday was cold and there was a big gorgeous sundog in the morning.  I took this picture with my phone looking out the window at work.
Day 53 Febuary 22nd
It was a busy Saturday, I had a baby shower to go to for a coworker and I took some pictures of baby Noah and another coworkers baby Karys.  I love babies and I love photographing them, but it is a lot of work and there is still so much to learn.

Day 54 February 23rd
Spent a big chunk of the day in Grand Forks at Tristan's last regular season hockey game which they won 5-1, this was a team they had lost to in overtime previously.  That morning I captured Emma with her teddy bear.
Day 55 February 24th
Sort of a boring day and not a lot going on, captured Tristan just hanging out on the couch. His hair is getting way too long but he doesn't want to cut it until after state hockey.
Day 56 and 57
February 25th and 26th
Two boring pictures of Emma, weekdays are just so tough to find something to photograph.
The second picture she was laying on our bedroom floor looking depressed.

Day 58 February 27th
Aaron's parents had come to town the night before and we were getting ready for a weekend of state hockey.  One of our team managers ordered the boys matching T-shirts and I went to the arena before their practice to photograph them wearing them.  I wasn't able to get a great one of the whole team but did manage to get one of the first years and second year players separately.

Day 59 February 28th
We arrived in Grand Forks for the first game of the state tournament, and we lost.  That night we celebrated with one of Tristan's teammates for his birthday.  I got this picture of Tristan with the birthday boy.
Day 60 March 1st
Day two of the state tournament, the boys won in and exciting game but I didn't take a picture cause I was too busy watching.  So after the game I captured some of the little sisters in the pool.  I took some of Caroline, Abbey, and Janessa.  Such great girls.

Day 61 March 2nd
Final day of state hockey, boys played for consolation. Most exciting game I've ever seen, they were behind 4-1 with 2:50 left in the 3rd period and came back to tie it up and win in overtime.
 Got a picture of the boys hanging out right before the game started with one of the little brothers and then managed to get one of Tristan close up as he welcomed his teammates onto the ice.

Took a photo of the signs we made for arena at state, the boys after their win and the kiddo with the game winner proudly holding our state trophy.