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Saturday, March 8, 2014

Day 62-67

Day 62
March 3rd, Aaron's parents had been here for Tristan's state hockey tournament. They don't seem to be real up on the idea of having their picture taken all the time.  I did manage to get them to pose for one, it's a little blurry (Father-in-law not holding still)  I still think they look great and was sad to see them go.
Day 63-64
March 4th, busy day at work for me and wow was I tired, I went to bed at 830. All I got a picture of was Tristan laying in bed goofing around, March 5th was about the same way and all we have is a lame attempt at a picture of Emma.  I think I need more interesting objects around the house.

Day 65
March 6th, I went to visit my cousin's daughter Stephanie and her new baby Addison.  I took some pictures of the little sweetie and one of the dogs.

Day 66
March 7th, Aaron left for Bismarck and Tristan was doing his favorite thing which is playing mine craft on the computer, since hockey is over for a few days.
Day 67
March 8th, finally starting to have some nice days. Took Emma out in the driveway to practice a little back lighting on her.  This was the result after some editing.

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