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Thursday, March 13, 2014

Day 68-72

Day 68 Sunday March 9th
Today was a lazy Sunday, got some stuff done around the house and cooked up some Gumbo for Aaron who was coming home from Bismarck. 
Day 69 March 10th
I had to work at 0630 and I was tired, that night Tristan had a father, kid hockey game with his teammates and some of their dad's and siblings.  I took a lot of photos but am putting up the group photo of the whole crew and then Tristan and his fellow defenseman.

Day 70 March 11th
Another busy day at work for me, was running out of time for a picture, wanted to get one of the sunset but it was too cloudy.  So took one quick of this cute smile.
Day 71 March 12th
Emma again.........
Day 72
It was a gorgeous day outside, almost hit 60.  I had planned on doing some outdoor pics but it is still so dirty and slushy outside.  I had an idea for a cool reflection picture and I had just washed the truck so I took Tristan outside and asked him to pose for me next to it. Still want to work on this one.

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