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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Lost some days........

Ok well I had every intention of making it the entire 365 days, but after making it over 200 I looked at some of the pictures I'd been taking and on my good days when I'm able to get out, practice, find interesting places I love my work.  Then I've had those days that I just didn't feel like taking a picture or all I had with me was my phone which doesn't take the quality of shots like my big camera.  So I'm still shooting almost every day  but I'm not stressing if I don't get a picture.  My hat goes off to those that can truly find something every day. Maybe if Tristan was 5-6 years old again I'd have better luck, but I have to use bribes to get him to cooperate.  So I'm going to continue to blog and just list the date I took the picture.

So September 16th 2014

Another picture of the flowers outside my house.
September 17th 2014

My mom came over and I took some pictures of her and Emma

September 18th 2014

I was still trying to keep up with my days so I captured these quick of Tristan and Emma

Jumping ahead to September 21st

Decided to go out for a photo drive.  The leaves are just starting to change, it was still really warm out so the bugs were terrible.  One place I stopped had some hay bales I wanted to photograph but I was greeted by two dogs and wasn't sure I should get out of the car to find out if they were really friendly so I didn't.


September 22nd
Aaron's cousin Nicole was here from TN, they were staying up in Grand Forks but came to Fargo for their nephew's football game.  I got a couple family pictures for them and a couple of cute baby Erik.

September 27th
It was homecoming dance day for the twins.  Unfortunately I was only able to get pictures of one of them all dressed up and her friend Olivia.  The girls looked so cute.  I also had to take a picture of her corsage.

  September 29th and 30th
The 29th I again went for a drive at sunset to try and find something, the sky was pretty and I did find a little stream worth photographing. 
The 30th turned out to be a great day! I went to Maplewood state park since I had the day off and took Emma with me.  The colors were awesome and I got some nice pictures.

 On the way to the park, they are working on putting up new power lines, I think it's cool that they use helicopters and was able to get a picture.

Fast forward to October 4th
I'm starting a natural light workshop on the 6th and am super excited! I had to order a reflector and am excited to learn more about using it.  I wanted to practice using it and it was pretty cool how you could see the difference with or without.  I took this picture of Tristan using the reflector and it was the only good one I got since he said it was too bright.