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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day's 46-51

Day 46 February 15th

It was a cold and snowy Saturday, the whole family slept in.  I managed to arrange for Tristan and a few of his hockey teammates to go play a little pick up hockey at the outdoor rink.  I've been wanting to get outdoor hockey pictures for a while.  I was really happy with the result.

Day 47 February 16th

Tristan had a hockey game which they unfortunately lost. Thanks to one of the hockey dad's I was able to use a really nice lens to take pictures during the game and I took one of Tristan all dressed and ready to go before the game.

Day 48 February 17th

 It was Monday and I worked late.  Decided to play around with the flash on my camera and took a few pics of Emma. AGAIN......
Day 49 February 18th

I've been enjoying a wine called moscato and Aaron bought me a couple bottles the day after Valentines day.  I poured myself a glass and took a picture. 

Day 50 February 19th
Woohoo made it 50 days. I've so wanted to give up a few times.  I actually had nothing special on day 50.  I read on my photography website about taking a picture of something while moving your camera up and down or side to side with a really slow shutter speed. So I tried one using a afghan with three different pinks in it.  This was the result.
Day 51 February 20th.

Took Tristan to Sanford power and set my camera settings and had him take pictures of the sunset out the window as I drove over the Veterans ave bridge.  He did  a pretty good job.  I did some editing of course to make the sky look a little more vibrant.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Days 39-45

Day 39 February 8th

Aaron's best friend, and Tristan's godfather stopped over and gave Tristan his Birthday gift.  It was a Minnesota North Stars hat.  They were the first original MN pro hockey team.

Day 40 February 9th

Tristan had a hockey game which they lost, got one of  Tristan in the truck on the way home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa, he was really tired. I also experimented with slow shutter speed as I'm trying to learn all things camera.  I got one of Tristan playing with Emma and set up another one of him jumping on the bed.

Day 41 February 10th

The rest of the week was sort of a blur, I do know that Monday I got home and didn't have any ideas on pictures, but I did get this awesome one of Emma and I love it.
Day 42 February 11th

Tuesday was a snowy day, so I sent Emma outside to try and get some of the flakes falling on her.  I just wish it would stop snowing.  Tristan and I went to a movie this night too.
Day 43 February 12th

Aaron's birthday, unfortunately he had to work late and Tristan had his usual busy night of church and hockey.  So I took a picture of my attempt at a pretty cake, I'm not very good at stacking and frosting the layers.  This was a strawberry and white cake mixed together with store bought frosting which is what Aaron requested.
Day 44 February 13th

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately since Tristan turned 13.  I keep remembering him as a baby and a little boy.  I find myself tearing up at times when I look at old pictures of him when he was little. I was looking for my swimsuit on this night and found this.  It was a gift from his Grandma B and it was my favorite newborn outfit.  He looked so precious in it.
Day 45 February 14th

Valentines Day! No pictures of cards or flowers since my husband doesn't like Valentines day.  Instead we have a picture of the Valentines dinner I made him.  These are my enchiladas

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Day's 33-38

Day 33 February 2nd

It was super bowl Sunday, Tristan had a game and went to a friends for the super bowl.  I took a picture of the pucks all stacked up for the boys to grab when they came on the ice to warm up, then I took a picture of Aaron's fabulous 7 layer dip.  

Day 34

February 3rd, This was Monday and it was cold and I had a long day at work.  I had no idea what to do for a picture so I went with my hot cocoa I made since I was cold and have been drinking it to warm up at night.  I've become sort of addicted to starbucks hot cocoa, ever since I received it as a gift for some pictures I took.
Day 35

February 4th, Tuesday again a cold long day, not much for pictures.  My wonderful husband cooked supper and I took a picture of him sitting in the kitchen as usual hiding his face from the camera.
Day 36

February 5th, Wednesday nights are always so busy. So today we have Emma but I'm trying to find things other than her to photograph.

Day 37

February 6th, Thursday I went to an impromptu bachlorette party for a coworker that is going to Jamaica to get married next week.  I had the honor of taking some engagement photos for this lovely girl and took this one of her outside the restaurant, she is glowing with happiness.
Day 38

February 7th, Friday I took Tristan to his first concert, Justin Timberlake.  It was a really good show, but oh sooo loud.  We had great seats and could see him pretty well.  I took a couple pictures of Tristan when we were leaving for the show and captured a couple with my phone at the concert.

Saturday, February 1, 2014

Days 28-32

Day 28 January 28th

Another few days of sorta boring pictures, it's hard to know with the cold what to photograph so unfortunately the dog has become a common subject, although I have been looking for inspiration lately.  Today we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and I took a picture of my mom and my hands, I got this idea from another photographer who had done it with her dad.  My mom is getting older and has parkinsons so I want to capture more photos with her.
Day 29 January 29th,

Just another cold day with a long day at work. Aaron went to Bismarck and Tristan had a night of church and hockey so all we got was him and Emma. Tristan was nice and sweaty, this was literally after hockey at like 10:30pm, and I was running out of time.
Day 30 January 30th

Was able to get home from work and I stopped at my favorite coffee place, Caribou Coffee.  I surprised Tristan with a decaf of his own. I love the sayings they put on their coffee cups.
Day 31 January 31st

This was  Friday and I was tired, so all I managed to get was Emma laying in bed with me and I took it with my phone.  She looked like a cartoon character. Her face pretty much expresses how I was feeling at this moment too.

Day 32 February 1st

I've made it through a whole month!! Saturday morning got up and the light is so great coming in our back window in the morning I usually experiment with the dog some more.  She had a pretty pink bow on her collar from being at the groomer the day before and I captured her laying in the sun.