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Thursday, February 20, 2014

Day's 46-51

Day 46 February 15th

It was a cold and snowy Saturday, the whole family slept in.  I managed to arrange for Tristan and a few of his hockey teammates to go play a little pick up hockey at the outdoor rink.  I've been wanting to get outdoor hockey pictures for a while.  I was really happy with the result.

Day 47 February 16th

Tristan had a hockey game which they unfortunately lost. Thanks to one of the hockey dad's I was able to use a really nice lens to take pictures during the game and I took one of Tristan all dressed and ready to go before the game.

Day 48 February 17th

 It was Monday and I worked late.  Decided to play around with the flash on my camera and took a few pics of Emma. AGAIN......
Day 49 February 18th

I've been enjoying a wine called moscato and Aaron bought me a couple bottles the day after Valentines day.  I poured myself a glass and took a picture. 

Day 50 February 19th
Woohoo made it 50 days. I've so wanted to give up a few times.  I actually had nothing special on day 50.  I read on my photography website about taking a picture of something while moving your camera up and down or side to side with a really slow shutter speed. So I tried one using a afghan with three different pinks in it.  This was the result.
Day 51 February 20th.

Took Tristan to Sanford power and set my camera settings and had him take pictures of the sunset out the window as I drove over the Veterans ave bridge.  He did  a pretty good job.  I did some editing of course to make the sky look a little more vibrant.

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