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Saturday, February 1, 2014

Days 28-32

Day 28 January 28th

Another few days of sorta boring pictures, it's hard to know with the cold what to photograph so unfortunately the dog has become a common subject, although I have been looking for inspiration lately.  Today we went over to Grandma and Grandpa's house and I took a picture of my mom and my hands, I got this idea from another photographer who had done it with her dad.  My mom is getting older and has parkinsons so I want to capture more photos with her.
Day 29 January 29th,

Just another cold day with a long day at work. Aaron went to Bismarck and Tristan had a night of church and hockey so all we got was him and Emma. Tristan was nice and sweaty, this was literally after hockey at like 10:30pm, and I was running out of time.
Day 30 January 30th

Was able to get home from work and I stopped at my favorite coffee place, Caribou Coffee.  I surprised Tristan with a decaf of his own. I love the sayings they put on their coffee cups.
Day 31 January 31st

This was  Friday and I was tired, so all I managed to get was Emma laying in bed with me and I took it with my phone.  She looked like a cartoon character. Her face pretty much expresses how I was feeling at this moment too.

Day 32 February 1st

I've made it through a whole month!! Saturday morning got up and the light is so great coming in our back window in the morning I usually experiment with the dog some more.  She had a pretty pink bow on her collar from being at the groomer the day before and I captured her laying in the sun.

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