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Friday, February 14, 2014

Days 39-45

Day 39 February 8th

Aaron's best friend, and Tristan's godfather stopped over and gave Tristan his Birthday gift.  It was a Minnesota North Stars hat.  They were the first original MN pro hockey team.

Day 40 February 9th

Tristan had a hockey game which they lost, got one of  Tristan in the truck on the way home from visiting Grandma and Grandpa, he was really tired. I also experimented with slow shutter speed as I'm trying to learn all things camera.  I got one of Tristan playing with Emma and set up another one of him jumping on the bed.

Day 41 February 10th

The rest of the week was sort of a blur, I do know that Monday I got home and didn't have any ideas on pictures, but I did get this awesome one of Emma and I love it.
Day 42 February 11th

Tuesday was a snowy day, so I sent Emma outside to try and get some of the flakes falling on her.  I just wish it would stop snowing.  Tristan and I went to a movie this night too.
Day 43 February 12th

Aaron's birthday, unfortunately he had to work late and Tristan had his usual busy night of church and hockey.  So I took a picture of my attempt at a pretty cake, I'm not very good at stacking and frosting the layers.  This was a strawberry and white cake mixed together with store bought frosting which is what Aaron requested.
Day 44 February 13th

I've been feeling very nostalgic lately since Tristan turned 13.  I keep remembering him as a baby and a little boy.  I find myself tearing up at times when I look at old pictures of him when he was little. I was looking for my swimsuit on this night and found this.  It was a gift from his Grandma B and it was my favorite newborn outfit.  He looked so precious in it.
Day 45 February 14th

Valentines Day! No pictures of cards or flowers since my husband doesn't like Valentines day.  Instead we have a picture of the Valentines dinner I made him.  These are my enchiladas

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