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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 107-116

Day 107 April 17th, My friend Michelle and I went for a walk after work with our dogs, it was a gorgeous day! Her Golden doodle Marly is getting so big.  After that I went to pick Shayla up from her track meet and grabbed a few pics of her run.

Day 108 April 18th
Just a shot of Emma I used for my workshop.
Day 109 April 19th
I took one of Tristan taking Emma for a walk and then I went and picked up Kaylijah and her friend and took pictures of them.

Day 110 April 20th, Today was Easter, and I took a picture of the prime rib Aaron made, my mother and I took some pics that night of Saisha and her friend.  It was another gorgeous day!

Day 111 April 21st , Pictures of Emma for my composition class.

Day 112 April 22nd
Went over to my mom's to help her take some pictures of stuff she wants to sell on Ebay, took this one of mom.
Day 113 April 23rd, Yucky rainy day! I got one of Emma with her stick Aaron brought her.

Day 114, April 24th, I finished reading my information on my editing workshop. So these were practice pictures with Tristan. Plus he cut off the hockey hair this day too!

 Day 115 April 25th, More practice pictures with Trisan, he owes me because I bought him a new game! He wanted one of him holding the sun also.

Day 116 April 26th, We went to a surprise birthday party for my Uncle Roger in the St. Cloud area.  I didn't get as many as I wanted but did get one of the birthday boy, baby Addison with her mom and Grandma, and of one of the dogs.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Days 100-106

Day 100
April 10th, Can't believe I made it a 100 days! I managed to get a very special young lady to pose for me and help me practice my composition.  I loved how her pictures turned out I just wish she liked them.  15 year olds are fussy. 

 Day 101 April 11th, This was a Friday and Aaron was gone. I was already in bed and then remembered about taking a picture.  So we have a nice close one of Emma, she was sitting next to my bed. 

 Day 102 April 12th Tristan and I slept in, he came in my room and laid down on the bed to watch TV in the morning.  I still had my camera next to me so I grabbed the opportunity to take a picture.
Day 103 April 13th My keurig had died and I had to go to Costco and buy a new one, so I figured why not try and take a picture of it. It was extremely cold and windy this day.
Day 104 April 14th
I went to a local park and took some pictures to work on composition.  They're sort of boring pictures, it is still cold outside so I didn't last long.

Day 105 April 15th, Emma looking out of the fence.
Day 106 April 16th Another Emma picture, although this one I'm really proud of. It was a tough shot to get.

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Days 92-99 Better Weather

We are finally getting some better weather, along with my 365 project I'm doing a composition workshop online, so I'm trying to make my pictures more pleasing to the eye. So the next few pictures are of the dog and Tristan in different places.

Day 92 April 2nd, we have Tristan and Emma and I cropped this picture to make it more effective.
Day 93 April 3rd
I captured Tristan downstairs playing video games. Notice he has his phone too.
Day 94 April 4th, Aaron and Tristan left for a hockey tournament and I stayed home with Emma.  We went for a walk this night because it was so nice out and I captured her by the mini man made pond by our house.
Day 95 April 5th, with the boys gone all I had to capture was more pictures of Emma.
Day 96 April 6th, Tristan was home but he was a little tired and grumpy so I couldn't get much of a smile.
Day 97, April 7th Another picture of Tristan being less than cooperative, I was trying to frame him in some way in this picture. 
Day 97 April 8th, Another really nice day.  I took a picture of a plane going across the sky because I thought it looked cool, and another one of Emma.

Day 98 April 9th
Our 3rd wedding Anniversary, Aaron sent me such pretty flowers to work.  It was such a nice surprise.