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Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Days 100-106

Day 100
April 10th, Can't believe I made it a 100 days! I managed to get a very special young lady to pose for me and help me practice my composition.  I loved how her pictures turned out I just wish she liked them.  15 year olds are fussy. 

 Day 101 April 11th, This was a Friday and Aaron was gone. I was already in bed and then remembered about taking a picture.  So we have a nice close one of Emma, she was sitting next to my bed. 

 Day 102 April 12th Tristan and I slept in, he came in my room and laid down on the bed to watch TV in the morning.  I still had my camera next to me so I grabbed the opportunity to take a picture.
Day 103 April 13th My keurig had died and I had to go to Costco and buy a new one, so I figured why not try and take a picture of it. It was extremely cold and windy this day.
Day 104 April 14th
I went to a local park and took some pictures to work on composition.  They're sort of boring pictures, it is still cold outside so I didn't last long.

Day 105 April 15th, Emma looking out of the fence.
Day 106 April 16th Another Emma picture, although this one I'm really proud of. It was a tough shot to get.

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