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Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Days 92-99 Better Weather

We are finally getting some better weather, along with my 365 project I'm doing a composition workshop online, so I'm trying to make my pictures more pleasing to the eye. So the next few pictures are of the dog and Tristan in different places.

Day 92 April 2nd, we have Tristan and Emma and I cropped this picture to make it more effective.
Day 93 April 3rd
I captured Tristan downstairs playing video games. Notice he has his phone too.
Day 94 April 4th, Aaron and Tristan left for a hockey tournament and I stayed home with Emma.  We went for a walk this night because it was so nice out and I captured her by the mini man made pond by our house.
Day 95 April 5th, with the boys gone all I had to capture was more pictures of Emma.
Day 96 April 6th, Tristan was home but he was a little tired and grumpy so I couldn't get much of a smile.
Day 97, April 7th Another picture of Tristan being less than cooperative, I was trying to frame him in some way in this picture. 
Day 97 April 8th, Another really nice day.  I took a picture of a plane going across the sky because I thought it looked cool, and another one of Emma.

Day 98 April 9th
Our 3rd wedding Anniversary, Aaron sent me such pretty flowers to work.  It was such a nice surprise.

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