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Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Days 83-91 Been in a slump!

Wow have I been in a photo slump, I just started a class on composition so I hope my pictures are more interesting going forward.

Day 83 March 24th
I actually talked my husband into letting me take a picture of him, I think he's so handsome!
Day 84 March 25th
Tristan and I were going out to dinner and I took this in the truck with my phone.  I was going to bring the big camera to dinner but I haven't gotten bold enough to be snapping pics with it in public places.
Day 85 March 26th
Day 86 March 27th
I had seen a picture similar to this using a basketball, I will need a do over on this one because it's not what I had in mind but Tristan was cold.

Day 87 March 28th
Tristan and I were out at sunset and I captured this with my phone. Love a pretty sky!
Day 88 and 89 March 29th and 30th
Emma again, weather is crappy!

Day 90 March 31st
We had a blizzard today! I did manage to get this picture of Aaron giving Emma her nightly treat before bed.  I love the way she looks at him
Day 91 April 1st
This is a picture I took of Tristan looking out the window for my composition course.  I had to be fast, he was less than cooperative.

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