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Saturday, April 26, 2014

Day 107-116

Day 107 April 17th, My friend Michelle and I went for a walk after work with our dogs, it was a gorgeous day! Her Golden doodle Marly is getting so big.  After that I went to pick Shayla up from her track meet and grabbed a few pics of her run.

Day 108 April 18th
Just a shot of Emma I used for my workshop.
Day 109 April 19th
I took one of Tristan taking Emma for a walk and then I went and picked up Kaylijah and her friend and took pictures of them.

Day 110 April 20th, Today was Easter, and I took a picture of the prime rib Aaron made, my mother and I took some pics that night of Saisha and her friend.  It was another gorgeous day!

Day 111 April 21st , Pictures of Emma for my composition class.

Day 112 April 22nd
Went over to my mom's to help her take some pictures of stuff she wants to sell on Ebay, took this one of mom.
Day 113 April 23rd, Yucky rainy day! I got one of Emma with her stick Aaron brought her.

Day 114, April 24th, I finished reading my information on my editing workshop. So these were practice pictures with Tristan. Plus he cut off the hockey hair this day too!

 Day 115 April 25th, More practice pictures with Trisan, he owes me because I bought him a new game! He wanted one of him holding the sun also.

Day 116 April 26th, We went to a surprise birthday party for my Uncle Roger in the St. Cloud area.  I didn't get as many as I wanted but did get one of the birthday boy, baby Addison with her mom and Grandma, and of one of the dogs.

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