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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Day's 142-145

Day 142 May 22nd

I had the day off and it was totally beautiful out but since I was busy most of the day and Tristan didn't want to help, I got two great pics of Emma at sunset.

Day 143 May 23rd, another nice day but still only managed to remember to grab a picture at the end of day of Emma looking out the window at the birds. 
 Day 144 May 24th, Went to the Barnesville cemetery with my parents, it was all covered in flags and flowers for Memorial day.  Got some beautiful shots of the flags, my mom, and both sets of grandparents stones, had to get some flowers too. 

Day 145 May 25th
Aaron came home from out of town and I really missed him.  I made a chicken bacon casserole for supper, and we got some yard work done and flowers planted. I think I'll take at least one pic of the flower bed weekly to see how it grows. 

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day's 137-141 A fun five days!

Day 137 May 17th
My coworker Sheena had a post wedding party at her house. Her and Casey got married in the Bahamas on January 15th.  I had fun taking pictures of them, some of our other coworkers and their spouses, and her little nieces. Sheena also has beautiful sunsets at her place.

Day 138 May 18th
Tristan and I were on our own so we had supper a favorite pizza place close to our house.  I took the camera with so I could try and capture a few pictures.

 Day 139 May 19th
Aaron was coming home from being out of town, I cleaned the house and made bananna bread.

Before hitting the oven
After, it was so yummy!

Day 140 May 20th
I went to work, and the hospital I work at is building an addition.  We can see the building right outside the windows.  I captured these next pics while walking in the building with my phone.  I found it amazing that they can work that high up.

Later that night, I took a few pics of Emma outside, and some of her playing with the neighbor puppy Clyde. I also got one accidently of her paws but I thought it was cute.

 She looks so vicious, but they had so much fun.

Day 141
May 21st, I didn't have to work until noon and I took Tristan to school. He looked so handsome that I had to capture a few.  He was not pleased that I was snapping as he got out of the truck but he did give me one smile before he got out.

Monday, May 19, 2014

Day's 128-136

Wow been so busy since I last updated, and have hundreds of pictures to go through.
Day 128 May 8th
I was waiting for my sister and nephew to arrive from Florida, it was absolutely pouring outside and was quite a cold miserable day.  Well I set my tripod up and got the camera ready to capture the rain, this is what I came up with and I added a little quote.
Day 129 May 9th
My sister had arrived and it was the night of the 5K run which I said I wasn't going to do this year.  Well I got caught up in all the fun and decided I better start thinking about exercising again.  Before the run we parked over at mom' and took some pictures of us all before the race. Deanna and I got matching headbands at the expo. James took the picture, but I did the editing and cropping.
Day 130 May 10th
Race Day, the Fargo Marathon is so fun.  It's fun cheering on all the runners and seeing it all come together every year.  This was my sister's third time running the event.
I also got some pictures of my cousin Chad completing his first full marathon.  He obviously got the good genetic material.

Later that evening I took some pictures of James and Tristan that we could give to their grandparents.

Day 131 May 11th
It was Mother's day and we all went out for brunch after church at the HODO in Fargo. We took some pictures afterwards and I wanted to get more but it didn't work out.

Day 132 May 12th, Deanna was still here for one more day and we all relaxed and that night went out as a family to our favorite pizza place Duanes.  It was so yummy as always.

Day 133 May 13th
Deanna and James were supposed to go home but their flight was cancelled.  We had supper at our house. I captured some of the family watching TV after dinner, as usual Deanna is always aware of the camera.
Day 134 May 14th
Sort of a lazy day, Deanna left that morning and I bribed Tristan into letting me take some pictures of him in the garage sitting in the boat that we had just picked up.

Day 135 May 15th
Went to the big hill by our house that night to get some pictures of Sunset, Tristan was not cooperative this day.
Day 136 May 16th
Didn't get any pictures with the big camera, I worked and then came home and Tristan and I went to a movie at the new dream lounger seats.  Aaron was in Bismarck so he missed out.