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Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Day's 137-141 A fun five days!

Day 137 May 17th
My coworker Sheena had a post wedding party at her house. Her and Casey got married in the Bahamas on January 15th.  I had fun taking pictures of them, some of our other coworkers and their spouses, and her little nieces. Sheena also has beautiful sunsets at her place.

Day 138 May 18th
Tristan and I were on our own so we had supper a favorite pizza place close to our house.  I took the camera with so I could try and capture a few pictures.

 Day 139 May 19th
Aaron was coming home from being out of town, I cleaned the house and made bananna bread.

Before hitting the oven
After, it was so yummy!

Day 140 May 20th
I went to work, and the hospital I work at is building an addition.  We can see the building right outside the windows.  I captured these next pics while walking in the building with my phone.  I found it amazing that they can work that high up.

Later that night, I took a few pics of Emma outside, and some of her playing with the neighbor puppy Clyde. I also got one accidently of her paws but I thought it was cute.

 She looks so vicious, but they had so much fun.

Day 141
May 21st, I didn't have to work until noon and I took Tristan to school. He looked so handsome that I had to capture a few.  He was not pleased that I was snapping as he got out of the truck but he did give me one smile before he got out.


  1. Umm yes!! That sunset is amazing! And your son is definitely quite handsome on his way to school :) Great work this week.

    1. Thank you, this is my probably my favorite week of pics so far!

  2. Such lovely smiling faces! :) I like your pizza detail shots as well. And now I'm hungry. :)

    1. Thank You! The pizza was actually a little undercooked and greasy. LOL

  3. Lovely images! The one of your dog's paws is really cute and your son is very handsome! Great job capturing a natural smile- I know how hard those can be to capture ;)