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Sunday, September 14, 2014

Day 236-257

I started this post like a week ago, but never got around to finishing, so now I have 21 days worth! 

Day 236 August 24th
 I had wanted to get some pictures of some sunflower fields, but I waited too long and they were no longer blooming as nice, so I settled for a wheat field at sunset.

Day 237 August 25th
Tristan's first day of school, he allowed me to get the usual first day of school pictures and we tried to get one with Emma but she wasn't being overly cooperative.

Day 238 August 26th
I took the day off to be home with Aaron and do some cleaning and organizing, just to get rid of some stuff. I found my old Raggedy Ann doll and took some pictures of her, along with some pictures of me holding her in my Grandpas corn field when I was two.  I scanned that old picture in.

Day 239 August 27th
I went to the gym and took some pictures of the sun right after setting on the way home with my phone.

Day 240 August 28th
Just Emma

Day 241 August 29th
Aaron grew a beard before his new job started, unfortunately he had to shave it off before starting work but I talked him into letting me get one picture of him with it.
 Day 242 August 30th
I went to take pictures of my cousins little boys.  It was not an easy task but we did get some keepers.

Day 243 August 31st
My in-laws came to town but sadly we didn't get any pictures of them.  Just some of their dog Yoshie, who doesn't cooperate as much as Emma

Day 244 September 1st
It was labor day and Aaron's parents were still here, but I still only ended up with pictures of the dogs.

Day 245, Sept 2nd
Another gorgeous sunset on my way home from the gym, darn that I didn't have the big camera.

Day 246 September 3rd
Emma rolling in the grass

Day 247 September 4th
It was cloudy but it's always fun to get the sun setting behind the clouds, yes I like sunsets!

Day 248 September 5th
I met my friend Melissa at the Speak Easy restaurant in Moorhead for a glass of wine.  The restaurant has been there forever and it's a popular place.

Day 249 September 6th
Went to watch Kaylijah play volleyball, I picked up Shayla and Jessica on the way. They looked so cute for the game.

Day 250 September 7th
Took some senior pictures for a friends daughter, very happy how they turned out. I worked with her dad years ago and he was an usher in our wedding.

Day 251 September 8th
Just some more of Emma

Day 252 September 9th
Tristan was going to bed and I went to say goodnight and Emma had to jump on the bed too. 
Day 253 September 10th
I forgot I really did but I got luck because I had snapped a picture of Tristan's phone that he broke at school to send to his dad.
Day 254 September 11th
A day that will ever remain in our minds for those that were around back in 2001.  I'd love to say I took some sort of memorial type picture, but really all I got was Tristan drinking coffee (which I didn't know he made) before he left for school.  I remember the day in 2001 very well though.
He was not impressed with the picture taking either.

Day 255 September 12th
ESPN Game Day came to Fargo and was set to film the next day.  The winning streak of the NDSU Bison and their program is a big deal in Fargo.  I went downtown with friend Kim, Brian and Luke to take pictures of the set. We also took some by their Game Day bus.

Day 256 September 13th
I had the privilege of  doing family pictures for one of my co-workers.  It was so much fun and her girls are so beautiful.

Day 257 September 14th
A fellow photographer added me to a Facebook group with weekly themes of what pictures to take.  This week was a pair of something, so I did a pair of brown eyes.