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Friday, June 6, 2014

Venturing in public more, Day 154-157

Day 154 June 3rd

This was a beautiful night with another beautiful sunset, I talked Tristan into taking some sunset pictures with me at the hill by our house.

Day 155 June 4th

Today's photos were a total surprise to me.  My co-worker was going to meet her boyfriend downtown in front of where they met to find out the sex of their baby.  They had cupcakes with either pink or blue filling and were going to bite into them at the same time.  It was an awesome and fun experience and I so appreciated being part of it.

Day 156 June 5th

Went to work and then came  home and got my hair done.  I talked my awesome stylist into letting me take a picture of her, I also took a picture of the brightly colored hair products, and sort of a selfie.

Day 157 June 6th

Tritan and friends rode their bikes to Cherry Berry and I drove just so I could take the camera and get some pictures.

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