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Friday, June 20, 2014

Day 163-171

I haven't had much in the way of exciting pictures this past ten days.  I feel like I can only shoot so many sunsets, so I'm trying to come up with more ideas.

 Day 163 June 12th

Tristan shooting pucks in the driveway.

Day 164 June 13th,
 Tristan had a hockey tournament in town starting this weekend but since I went to his game from work I didn't have the camera.  So I captured one of the tired boy going to bed.  As you can see by his face, he was not impressed.
Day 165 June 14th
Tristan's summer team had a really tough game against a team from Canada made up of elite players.  I got a picture of him and his teammates and one of the other teams goalie, showing how bored she was on her end.

Day 166 June 15th
Father's day, it was an act of congress to get the boys to cooperate for a decent picture and I wasn't satisfied with what I got.  I did get some good pictures of the ribs Aaron cooked though.

Day 167 June 16th
Sunset in West Fargo

Day 168 June 17th
Tristan and I had ventured out to find a landmark to take pictures of but it was no longer there. So we stopped on the way home and he let me take these. 

Day 169 June 18th
Not much excitement today so we have some deck flowers and Emma.

Day 170 June 19th
Aaron's mom and grandma arrived from Arizona and they brought him an antique rocking chair that he has loved since he was a kid. 
Day 171 June 20th
I had an idea for a picture I wanted to try but Tristan was being less than cooperative tonight.  So this is what I got.

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