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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Day's 172-184 Half Way There!

I've been in a bit of a slump trying to get interesting pictures.  I got a few I liked and a few that were just desperation of finding a picture for the day.

Day 172 June 21st
It was my birthday so I did a couple selfies using my tripod and I took one of the cake my dad bought me.

Day 173 June 22nd
Aaron's mom and Grandma were here to visit and they brought a game called Farkle for us to play. I had fun trying to get a picture of the dice falling. 

Day 174 June 23rd
Captured this picture of Tristan going on a walk with Emma. 
Day 175 June 24th
Captured a picture of Tristan with his Grandma Cindy before she left the next day. 
Day 176 June 25th
My lazy beautiful dog

Day 177 June 26th
Just a quick snap shot of Tristan, this was the best I got.  It was not a good picture day.

Day 178  June 27th
This is the day I went back to Weight Watchers, it was a little rough.  I took a picture of my stir fry and of the crazy sky that night.

Day 179 June 28th
Some of my flowers in my flower bed. 

Day 180 June 29th
My co-worker Lynelle has a new kitten and her name is Gracie and I had to get a couple pictures of her while she was still little, I also took a couple of her older cat Chloe.

Day 181 June 30th
Woohoo I'm half way through the year! This was a night of some Emma pics but I wanted to just get some of her adorable details.

Day 182 July 1st
Another slow picture day so more of Emma

Day 183 July 2nd
Decided to go out and get the sunset tonight.  This was by the fair grounds in West Fargo.

Day 184 July 3rd
Just Tristan

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  1. Great selfies! You are so beautiful. Happy birthday :D