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Thursday, January 9, 2014

Day's 1-9

I want to challenge myself in my photography this year. So one of my goals is to do a 365 day project with my pictures.  It is going to be hard to find things to shoot every single day, but I have some great resources to help me out.
January 1st,  I started with my two favorite subjects, my son Tristan and my dog Emma. It was a quiet and cold day at home with my family.

January 2nd
Tristan was playing on his new i-phone and I had come home from work and it was dark outside.  So I captured him doing his favorite thing which was playing on his phone.
January 3rd was a day spent going to Grand Forks ND for a hockey tournament in East Grand Forks, it was a cold snowy drive, which would turn into a blizzard by the end of the day.  We always have time for hockey though!
 January 4th was Tristan's 13th birthday, and another day with two hockey games.  They had tied the game the night before and won their two games on his birthday which meant they'd play for the championship the next day.  I bought Tristan a cake at a local grocery store to share with his friends later that night.

 January 5th didn't turn out to be the best day.  The hockey team lost in overtime and I realized I didn't take any pictures this day.  I did although take one with my phone that would become my day 5. It was an extremely cold icy drive home and I captured this shot of the sun with a rainbow sun dog with it.  The frost on the car window made it very hard to get the picture. 
January 6th was a Monday and thankfully we were back home.  We went over to Grandma's house so Tristan could get his birthday present from them. It was right at sunset and I captured this as the sun was going down.  This was one of the coldest days of the year. 
January 7th was sort of a disaster when it came to getting the shot I wanted.  I got home from work and the sky was beautiful but it was soooo cold out and I had an idea for a picture but by the time I coaxed Tristan out to the driveway I'd fallen on my butt and had to snap these quick.  Hopefully by the end of the year I'll learn to show a pretty sky without underexposing my subject.

January 8th brought two pictures.  I had the morning off from work and captured Emma wanting to come in the house, and that evening I made the boys chocolate chip cookies and I love trying to photograph food and make it look like a recipe book. 

January 9th was another long day at work and not much daylight left when I got home.  So once again I decided to use Emma and her treats.  Depth of field is one of my favorite effects to play with. 

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