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Saturday, January 25, 2014

Days 20 through 25

This was another week of mediocre boring pictures.  Trying to find something everyday to photograph is tough. It was also a snowy cold week and winter is taking a toll on us.

January20th Day 20
I was on the computer eating some popcorn and Emma put her head in my lap because she thought she should get some.

January 21st Day 21
Captured Emma playing in the snow, it was snowing out and wanted to get one of the flakes coming down but wasn't sure how to do it.

January 22nd Day 22
The night before I had picked up all of Emma's toys and apparently she had grabbed them all out of her toy box and spread them around the living room.  It looked like we had a toddler.

January 23rd Day 23
This was taken from my phone on the way home from work again, it was right as the sun was setting and the sky was gorgeous!

January 24th Day 24

I took this as I was leaving the house that night to go out with friends, Emma looked sad that we were all leaving her for the evening, since the boys went to a hockey game.

January 25th Day 25

Tristan's favorite breakfast meal is pancakes, I got up and made these for him. It was a good day, he scored his first goal of the hockey season too.


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