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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Day 217-235 I will not wait Seventeen days again, this took a while!

Oh my am I behind, I don't even know where to start.  I'm still taking a picture every day other than the one day I forgot grrrr.  I thought I better start working on a blog entry soon.

Day 217 August 5th

Tristan and his dad were getting ready to go fishing the next day.  Tristan was sitting in the boat trying to learn how to tie his own lines.  This isn't the best picture but it's all we got.

Day 218 August 6th
Emma wasn't feeling well after we got home from SD, Aaron took her to the vet the next day and found she had a bacterial infection.  She looked sad in this picture. 

Day 219 August 7th

This day held a lot of pictures, the first were of Tristan's train set as a little boy, I decided to put it all together and take pictures and sell it online.  The next picture is Emma staring at Grandma hoping she'll give her some food (she wasn't allowed because of her tummy issues) Then we have a picture of the fish Grandpa fried up.

Day 220 August 8th

Just the pretty sunset that day.

Day 221 August 9th

Was a really fun day! We had a get together at a coworkers house and her husband grilled the best steaks and we had awesome food.  She has a beautiful backyard with tons of flowers that I had to photograph too.

Day 222 August 10th

It was supposed to be the day of the super moon, when the moon is closest to earth and looks big.  I went out and tried to photograph it.  I also got some pics of the last bit of twilight and an earlier one of Emma.

Day 223 August 11th
Yep waited too long to grab a photo, so I saw a plane going across the sky and that's what I took a picture of. Boring!
Day 224 August 12th

Got Tristan to agree to a picture, but it wasn't very good and his hair is too long.

Day 225 August 13th

Fun picture day of my co-workers Annie two boys.  They were some of the first portrait pics I took a year ago when I started with my camera.  It was fun capturing them.

Day 226 August 14th

Tired boring day, Aaron was gone and I was tired.  So all we have is a picture of my dinner, some tacos I made using a black bean burger, they were good and healthier.

Day 227 August 15th
Tristan and I left for a hockey tournament in St Paul, I didn't get any pics of the boys just the outside of the arena.

Day 228 August 16th
The boys had a game and I got some pictures of Tristan and then that afternoon we went to downtown St. Paul to a super yummy Italian restaurant and bakery. We also walked across the street to where the MN Wild play to look in the arena store and took some pictures outside.

Day 229 August 17th
Just a few flowers outside

Day 230 August 18th

Went over to friend Diana's house to hang out in her hot tub, it feels so good on the muscles. Took a few pics of her flowers and my sunset view from the hot tub.

Day 231 August 19th
A couple quick shots of Emma outside in the evening, I'd say her name real fast to get her to look.

Day 232 August 20th
Took these from my car while driving because the sunset looked sort of cool.  They are a little blurry.

Day 233 August 21st
My flower bed has been having a rough year, it grew a lot of weeds and the rabbits kept eating the heads off my marigolds.  It is finally looking quite colorful. 

Day 234 August 22nd
I picked up my shirt the for the Go Far Woman 5k walk/run.  I was really excited because I've been walking more and have lost 25lbs as of this entry.  So I was hoping to get a better walking time then I have in the other 5K's I've done.  So here is my shirt for the race.
Day 235 August 23rd
Some of my coworkers were doing the running events also.  My friend Anna did her fist half marathon and I got some great pics of her finishing and with her girls after the race.  I also included my friend Sarah after her half, and Sheena and Kris after finishing their 10k.

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