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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Day 202-216

Day 202 July 21st

Just some pictures of Emma outside it was a busy day.

Day 203 July 22nd
Just the pretty Sunset for the day!

Day 204 July 23rd
Aaron and Tristan went fishing and Aaron caught a 5lb walleye.  It was a big fish and now in our freezer waiting for more to join so we can have a meal.
Day 205 July 24th,
The day of the blank, yep I forgot, totally forgot. The boys went to a hockey scrimmage in GF and I have no idea what I did but it wasn't take a picture.

Day 206 July 25th
Went to my favorite sunset spot and took one of a wheat field at sunset.

Day 207 July 26th
Just one of Tristan

Day 208 July 27th
Took some family pictures for my friend Maryann, got this one of her little grandson not wanting to look at the camera.  I brought Saisha with me to help and talked her into letting me take one in a corn field.

Day 209 July 28th
Just Emma at home
Day 210 July 29th

I took some very special pictures for a friend of mine, but can't share them quite yet. So check back because the will get their own post at some point.

Day 211 July 30th
Sunset outside my house along with the cranes at the hospital construction site you can see from our house.

Day 212 July 31st
The farmers market in West Fargo had lots of yummy stuff and I took my camera.

Day 213 August 1st
We left for a hockey tournament in Mitchell SD, I took a picture of the landscape from a SD rest stop.
Day 214 August 2nd

Tristan played two hockey games and lost both. We did however get to go to Mitchell corn palace and Tristan did some swimming.

Day 215 August 3rd

We drove home from Mitchell, Tristan's summer team took 3rd in the tournament. I got some cool pictures of the rain on the window on the way home.

Day 216 August 4th

 Got my haircut and took a selfie.

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